Hey sister! 

Are you tired of building your dream all by yourself?


I see you over there.

You have one foot tangled in the weeds, and the other is spinning you around in circles.

You love being an entrepreneur, (or want to BE an entrepreneur) but you're exhausted from having to do ALL. THE. THINGS.

You crave a community that will keep your creative juices flowing, your energy infused, and your "why" held in a sacred space. 



Life is too short to stay stuck in the muck!

It’s time.
It’s time to get that ONE project or program that’s been in your heart DONE and proudly out there serving others.
No more spinning your wheels or getting pulled down into the muck of self-doubt. 
You know this is important. It will change lives. And make you money.
So what’s been in your way?

Maybe you…
  • Find it hard to be consistent
  • Feel that entrepreneurship is lonely and hard
  • Don't feel you have anyone to bounce ideas off, that will hold your "why" in a sacred place
  • Want to take action towards your purpose project but it feels too big, too much, too complicated.
Or maybe you just don’t have the right support, in the way you need it!
I hear you… 
I spent years trying to fit into someone else's definition of success, shaming myself for procrastinating, or for not getting the results I wanted.
That’s why I created the Flying V Mastermind Community.

Let's fly together - the air is clearer up here!



Here's my story!

I remember it plain as day.

I was working three jobs, trying to be all things to all people. I wished I didn't have to work side gigs to fuel my passion. I was listening to an entrepreneurship seminar in one earbud while simultaneously putting out fires in my office. I was tired, I was hangry and I was burning out - fast.


I craved community.

I craved accountability.

I craved a connection with other women who wanted to change the world. 

I craved a sacred space where nobody stole my ideas, nobody "should" all over me, nobody pressured me to be something I'm not.


So I created it.

The Flying V is a powerful space for women who want to change the world! It's for those who want to play bigger in their careers and their lives and BE the change they want to see in the world.

It's a sisterhood of brilliant women who have a special something they want to give to the world. It’s for purposeful, powerful and FUN women who crave community, support and accountability as they build their purpose projects.

You’ll be surrounded by amazing women who want to change the world for the better. You'll gain accountability, connection, collaboration and community.

Whether it’s time to launch your soul-centred purpose project or you're looking to level up and play bigger in your business, I invite you to join me! 

How can the Flying V help you?

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Define your flight path
When flying together, it's easier to maintain focus on your goals. Birds reach their destination more quickly and with less energy expended when they fly together in formation, because they have a common goal. A community of accountability and forward motion helps keep you from straying off track. Stop chasing squirrels!
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Reduce Drag
Why do geese fly in a V? The arrangement enhances lift and reduces drag so flying together burns less energy than going alone. By flying together in a v-formation, scientists estimate that a flock of birds can fly about 70% farther with the same amount of energy than if each bird flew alone. When it comes to entrepreneurship, it doesn't have to be a lonely game. 
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Bring in the FUN!
Stepping out of our comfort zones can often feel hard and overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be so!  Did you know that geese honk to spur each other on during their flight? Surrounding yourself with powerhouse women who want to change the world together injects a new level of excitement and FUN into it!

Tell me the deets!


For $500/month (or $5000 if paid in full up front) you receive:

  • A full year of powerful community
  • Two small group calls per month (12 months) - max 8 people
  • One 1:1 coaching call per month with me (if you wish - this is optional, but included)
  • Access to the private community, the Duck Pond. 
  • Quarterly large group calls with the greater community with powerful speakers on subjects such as marketing, sales, branding, SEO - or whatever the larger community wants to learn
  • Private Marco Polo group with like-minded women who want to play bigger WITH you!

About your Coach

Coach. Artist. Hockey Mom. Cancer Survivor. Blogger. Speaker. Creative Warrior. Empowerment Strategist.

I work with women who want to play bigger in their careers and their lives, so that they can be the change they want to see in the world.

Whether it's breaking free from the self-sabotage that keeps you stuck in the muck, or stepping out of your comfort zone into a world of possibility, I can help!

I believe that when we live in alignment with our purpose, we collectively create a kinder, healthier, more vibrant world.


Teri is an ICF certified Executive Coach (ACC) through Royal Roads University, and a Support and Results Life Coach through Be More U. She is Dare to Lead™ trained, and a trained facilitator in the Playing Big™ model, for women who want to speak up, create and lead.

She lives in Victoria BC with her husband Jeff, a revolving door of teenagers, her beloved golden mountain dog Indy, and a one-eyed cat named Tallie.

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"Teri is a talented and natural coach. From the very first time I started working with her, I felt supported and that she genuinely cared about me. She is empathetic and helps me create customized solutions based on my conditions. Her coaching sessions are fun and practical, and I look forward to each one. She provides me encouragement and accountability, along with strategies for when I'm feeling stuck. Thanks to working with Teri, I am more organized in my life and business, and my days flow with ease."

~ Ingrid Carleton

Ingrid's Digital Desk

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"Teri is a wonderful person and a fantastic coach. When I first came to Teri I was a frantic mess. With her tools, support and guidance I've become confident in my self, more organized, and I do everything with intention now. If you're feeling out of sorts, need a helping hand, a slight push to your better self, don't hesitate, hire Teri!!!"

~ Amber Rozon

Kiteke Real Estate

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"Teri is an amazing coach! She is insightful, kind and listens. She is great a feedback to help you rethink things and make changes that you desire with your life and or business. It has been a pleasure and I am grateful for the Unstuck Duck Coaching."

~ Daria Bunting

I Dare-Ya Design