Feeling stuck?

What if you never had to worry about losing your motivation again?

  • You could wake up, get going, and take action in your business with confidence and ease.
  • You could set yourself up for success before your morning coffee.
  • And you would never feel lonely in business again, knowing you had a posse of possibility at your back.

If you're sick of spinning in circles and are ready for more action, the 90 days: From the Muck to the Magic coaching package is for you!


Life is too short to stay stuck in the muck. Let's fly together!

Let me ask you this.

Instead of doing the very things that will move your business forward, do you find yourself:

  • taking another course, because you aren't "enough" in a particular area
  • tinkering in Canva to get that Instagram post "just right"
  • watching TikTok for hours (OMG did you see the one with the golden retriever?)
  • catching up on laundry (that's productive right?)
... or some other distraction?
Maybe you don’t know the exact steps to move yourself, or your business forward.
Or you are afraid to put your ideas into the world for fear of being visible.
And because of this, you’re struggling to focus and take meaningful, consistent action...
    which leads you to kicking yourself for "knowing better"...
    which leads you to numb out on social media as a form of stress relief...
    which of course, throws you right back into the spin cycle!
That’s why things feel hard - not fun - and why you're not making the money you KNOW you could make.

Can you relate?

What if I could help you with strategies to get unstuck... so that taking action feels fun and freeing?
  • Instead of procrastinating, you step into action and get the important things done every day.
  • Instead of shaming yourself and making yourself "wrong", you have the tools to stop the dive and start to thrive.
  • Instead of battling the should's and the scarcities, you make simple shifts in your day to day to create an abundant mindset of possibility and fun. 
Your confidence would build... and because you can SEE momentum building, so would your commitment to taking even more consistent action.
And that, my friend, is where the magic happens.

90 Days: From The Muck To The Magic 


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4 weekly intensive sessions to discover what is keeping you stuck, where you want to go, what usually gets in your way, and then provides strategies on how to navigate obstacles as they arise
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8 weeks of accountability calls to spur you into action towards your goals, so you can make lasting change in an environment of encouragement and empowerment.  
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Text, Marco Polo and email support (for those days when the weeds get aggressive!) and 3 months free access to the Duck Pond, a collaborative, community space for like-minded entrepreneurs.
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Easy, affordable investment with convenient payment options.


About your coach

Coach. Artist. Hockey Mom. Cancer Survivor. Blogger. Speaker. Creative Warrior. Empowerment Strategist.

I help people break free from the self-sabotage that keeps them stuck in the muck, and empower them to find their own unique purpose and path in life. 

I believe that when we live in alignment with our purpose, we collectively create a kinder, healthier, more vibrant world.


Teri is an ICF certified Executive Coach through Royal Roads University, and a graduate of the Purpose Project™.

She lives in Victoria BC with her husband Jeff, a revolving door of teenagers, her beloved golden mountain dog Indy, and a one-eyed cat named Tallie.

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"Teri is a talented and natural coach. From the very first time I started working with her, I felt supported and that she genuinely cared about me. She is empathetic and helps me create customized solutions based on my conditions. Her coaching sessions are fun and practical, and I look forward to each one. She provides me encouragement and accountability, along with strategies for when I'm feeling stuck. Thanks to working with Teri, I am more organized in my life and business, and my days flow with ease."

~ Ingrid Carleton

Ingrid's Digital Desk

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"Teri is a wonderful person and a fantastic coach. When I first came to Teri I was a frantic mess. With her tools, support and guidance I've become confident in my self, more organized, and I do everything with intention now. If you're feeling out of sorts, need a helping hand, a slight push to your better self, don't hesitate, hire Teri!!!"

~ Amber Rozon

Kiteke Real Estate

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"Teri is an amazing coach! She is insightful, kind and listens. She is great a feedback to help you rethink things and make changes that you desire with your life and or business. It has been a pleasure and I am grateful for the Unstuck Duck Coaching."

~ Daria Bunting

I Dare-Ya Design